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Prairie Fire Theatre

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Today, I just learned that the Prairie fire auditions are cancelled and won’t happen till Febuary 20th. All I have to say is Well, This sux. Guess I’ll wow audiances sometime near valintines. See ya

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  1. maralita Says:

    i have been doing prairie fire theater forever and i think i have friends who
    remember you they are Tara and Jill they were in peter pan w/ you they were nana
    and a pirate cecco i think … well next year i want to do it but i can’t find info can
    you help???


  2. maralita Says:

    No one knows what i meen when i talk about PFT so yeah write back if you know
    tara and jill

    wait… wait… wait… blaaaaalkjdljdk

  3. Captain Hook Says:

    need more info? look at http://www.prairiefirechildren‘


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