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Christmas Break

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Christmas Break, New year’s eve.
Falling snow, No more leaves

To our Jobs, we must return.
Walk to the schools, where we learn

Valintines is next, a great holiday it is.
A day filled with love and kisses

Christmas time, it is the best.
But we’ve already put that to rest

For another year we shall not see.
Santa’s sleigh, on christmas eve

To the winter, I say goodbye.
but christmas will never die.


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I saw The Cronichles of Narnia last night and I enjoyed it. There was one flaw that was incredibly silly of them to have missed. In the begining you see lucy give Mr.Tummnes the hankercheif. A few sences later, Mr.Beaver give her the same hankie she gave Mr.Tummness wich makes sense. Then at the very end of the movie, Mr. Tummness give Lucy the hankie that she already got from Mr.Beaver. What the heck is going on???????? I can’t beleive nobody at disney saw that. I’m thuroghly anoghed. If anyone has any solutions, please leaave them as a comment on this post. Thanks!

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