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My new Haikus

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Here are three more of my haikus.

UFO in sky
Flaming meteorites fall
Man, this really sucks

A zoo is the place
monkeys, giraffes, bats, oh my!
now where’s my shoe gone?

my brain shuts down
the small gerbil is long gone
don’t bother me, Jerk!

4 Responses to “My new Haikus”

  1. aronius Says:


  2. Yuri Says:

    here’s my Haiku

    up by the blue moon,

    the mid-night sky shines brightly,

    the artic night soars

  3. Sub-Evil Boy Says:

    If thats Kevin diguised as Yuri, that’s the same excact hakui you were telling me yesterday. If not, sorry for the mistake. But it’s still quite nice.

  4. Mashelle Says:

    I like your Haikus!!! They are very descriptive but not too descriptive!!

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