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Superman Apoligy

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A while ago I posted about X-Men 3 and I said, quote

“If superman returns isn’t a special effects bonza, I will post a sincere apology to all those I may have offended”
Well, I recently saw Superman Returns, and, in fact, it wasn’t a special effects bonza, it was, in fact, incredibly boring. I had more sympathy and empathy for Lex Luther(Played by Kevin spacy(so cool)) than superman. So it gets a 3 outa 5, and I sincerly apologise to all those I may have offended. Thank you.

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  1. Dan Flies Says:

    I’d have to say I’d give Superman a 4 outa 5. But maybe I’m a bit of a sucker, I’m a big fan of the Smallville TV show and the original Superman movies from when i was a kid.

    The homage to given to the Christopher Reeves movies was wonderful, the music the title sequence…, it really felt like Superman returned after his multiyear absence from Metropolis and our movie screens.

    Nice post, keep ’em coming.

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