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Hello There, and Good Bye!

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Hello to everyone who came here through my e-mail, thanks for the vote of support, feel free to comment on anything I’ve said up to this point. To everyone, I bid you farewell, for I am leaving sometime tomorrow, and Otto has already left or will be leaving shortly. I hope that everything goes well for both him and me, and to everyone who is not leaving. See you in a little less than a year!!

2 Responses to “Hello There, and Good Bye!”

  1. Thomas R. Says:

    I feel bad when I see the little ‘Website’ blank, because I don’t have a webisite….
    I want one, but I have no idea what I’d do with it.
    I’ll keep checking the blogs, have a great time in England, and mind the gap.

  2. Jaimie Says:

    I hope u have a great time!!! don’t miss morris too much cuz theres not a TON to miss. jk its gonna be weird not having a crazy energetic out there person around. I’m gonna miss u
    have a good trip and dont get urself into trouble.

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