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My newest poem: The Life and Death Of A Noblemen

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The Life and Death Of A Nobleman

I’m longingly hoping for a birth of noble blood, so that our family doesn’t become a ruin.

                    * * *

Those observations have now come to an end for I now have a noble blooded brother

                    * * *

The number of the summers that have passed are not as young as they were. How you would treat a baby I would expect such care for me, as these are the last few moments of good life.


Ladysmith Black Mambazo

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Their performence was amazing!!!!!!!!! I loved them. If you didn’t get to see it you really missed out.

I’m John

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In the peter pan play, I’m John and it’s awsome. Hope you can come to the play on April 28-29.Bye



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Today, march 3, We had auditions for peter pan and it was awsome!!!! I hope I either A. Get a script part or B.Actually get in the play. Posting tomarrow.

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