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One of the things that happened last year was that I was in a different group for English then anyone else, because frankly, the teacher was not at the level she should have been. I found the class very enjoyable, and I learned loads. Coming over here, I was anxious about what would happen with me in English, and I have been saved by…. an Irishman. His name is Mr. Calahan (????), and he is one of the best teachers I have had for most subjects. He is able to make everything funny and enjoyable, and be serious and have us get work done at the same time. Today we had a Mock-SATs-Exam in English about Richard III, and while I usually hate to don’t like tests, but this was incredibly fun. One of the things I really like, is that even though I’ve only been here for a year, he still says that I will get a level 7 in my SATs, and the highest anyone can get is 8, and NO ONE gets 8, so he thinks that I can basically get the highest possible. I find that really quite amazing, and I’m worried that as soon as I get back the quality of both the education in general, but more specifically English, will go down. While I’m on languages, I must say that I have found that I am loving languages to death. I love doing German, and it will be a shame to stop when i get back.


Final Departure

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The date has been set of my departure from England and when we journey into Europe for a month or so. It seems strange that I’ve been here for about…6 months or so, it seems a lot shorter. I’ve had a great time so far, everyone over here has been amazing to me, and just the atmosphere in general has been really good. It seems strange that I have called our apartment here home for so long now, yet it was never truely my home, even the house in Morris isn’t technically my home, because in 4 years or so I shall move out and find a house of my own, and that might just be my true home, butthat’s pushing it. I had a lot of projects to do while I was here, and sadly I’ve done about… 1 of them if I’m lucky. We actually know the exact day we are leaving now, so I can start the official countdown. 109 days left. It’s pretty amazing. I will not reveal, or at least, not yet, the exact date for several reasons, none of which I feel like explaining at this moment, but I’m sure that if you REALLY REALLY need to know, you can figure it out, unless I’ve done the math wrong, which I wouldn’t be suprised if I had. I hope to start blogging (that’s really such a strange word) more frequently as we get closer to leaving, but there will be the SATs in may (big BIG examination) so that will probobly cut my time in half, then amputate all of it’s limbs and digits, so we will see what will happen!!

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