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I’ve done something stupid..

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So, today I went to out local library (whooo!) to see if any of my books I ordered came in, and indeed 4 of them had. Now, the first stupid thing was that I had actually ordered the last book in a series I wanted to read instead of the first, so now I have have to order the other SIX books in the series as well. Then, I went upstairs to browse, and I ended up checking out another FOUR books, so now currently lying on the floor here I have

Night Watch – Sergei Lukyanenko
Lisey’s Story – Stephen King
The Tommyknockers – Stephen King
Dolores Claiborne – Stephen King
Night Shift – Stephen King
Life Expectancy – Dean Koontz
Desperation – Stephen King
The Dark Tower – Stephen King

and that’s only the ones I have right here, I still have these books waiting to arrive at the library

Misery – Stephen King
The Stand – Stephen King
Hearts In Atlantis – Stephen King
The Regulators – Stephen King (writing as Richard Bachmen)
Nightmares and Dreamscapes – Stephen King
The Running Man – Stephen King (writing as Richard Bachmen
Thinner – Stephen King (writing as Richard Bachmen)
Needful Things – Stephen King
Salem’s Lot – Stephen King
The Call of Cthulhu – H.P. Lovecraft
The Dark Tower: Volumes I-VI

One word, “D’oh!”



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One of the things that happened last year was that I was in a different group for English then anyone else, because frankly, the teacher was not at the level she should have been. I found the class very enjoyable, and I learned loads. Coming over here, I was anxious about what would happen with me in English, and I have been saved by…. an Irishman. His name is Mr. Calahan (????), and he is one of the best teachers I have had for most subjects. He is able to make everything funny and enjoyable, and be serious and have us get work done at the same time. Today we had a Mock-SATs-Exam in English about Richard III, and while I usually hate to don’t like tests, but this was incredibly fun. One of the things I really like, is that even though I’ve only been here for a year, he still says that I will get a level 7 in my SATs, and the highest anyone can get is 8, and NO ONE gets 8, so he thinks that I can basically get the highest possible. I find that really quite amazing, and I’m worried that as soon as I get back the quality of both the education in general, but more specifically English, will go down. While I’m on languages, I must say that I have found that I am loving languages to death. I love doing German, and it will be a shame to stop when i get back.


Final Departure

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The date has been set of my departure from England and when we journey into Europe for a month or so. It seems strange that I’ve been here for about…6 months or so, it seems a lot shorter. I’ve had a great time so far, everyone over here has been amazing to me, and just the atmosphere in general has been really good. It seems strange that I have called our apartment here home for so long now, yet it was never truely my home, even the house in Morris isn’t technically my home, because in 4 years or so I shall move out and find a house of my own, and that might just be my true home, butthat’s pushing it. I had a lot of projects to do while I was here, and sadly I’ve done about… 1 of them if I’m lucky. We actually know the exact day we are leaving now, so I can start the official countdown. 109 days left. It’s pretty amazing. I will not reveal, or at least, not yet, the exact date for several reasons, none of which I feel like explaining at this moment, but I’m sure that if you REALLY REALLY need to know, you can figure it out, unless I’ve done the math wrong, which I wouldn’t be suprised if I had. I hope to start blogging (that’s really such a strange word) more frequently as we get closer to leaving, but there will be the SATs in may (big BIG examination) so that will probobly cut my time in half, then amputate all of it’s limbs and digits, so we will see what will happen!!


Hello There, and Good Bye!

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Hello to everyone who came here through my e-mail, thanks for the vote of support, feel free to comment on anything I’ve said up to this point. To everyone, I bid you farewell, for I am leaving sometime tomorrow, and Otto has already left or will be leaving shortly. I hope that everything goes well for both him and me, and to everyone who is not leaving. See you in a little less than a year!!


Murphy’s Illusionist

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I have done 2 things recently, 1. I have seen the illusionist, and 2. I have read the book, “Murphy’s Law“. Both of these things are great and hve inspired me to do things. The Illusionist is a movie about Eisiemhiem the Illusionist, who does some really spectatular things, and winds up in the middle of the murder of his childhood lover, who is also engaged to a prince. It gets, a 5 out of 5 Murphy’s Law is a book of little facts about life that are baised about one main fact, “If anything can go wrong, It will”. I have decided to give you a quote from this book every week, ’til the end of the book. So, here’s the first one, and the book gets a 5 out of 5.

“Nothing is as easy as it looks”.
Murphy’s Law Corollaries #1
Murphy’s Law by Arthur Bloch
Copyright 1977, ISBN: 0-8431-0428-7


Flushing the Pristige

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I saw 2 new movies recently, Flushed away and the Pristegie(however you spell that crazy word), both of which are good movies for very different reasons. Flushed away is a animated comedy from the Wallece and Gromit people, where a posh rat ends up having to save a sewer city from too many flushing toliets during the half time of a dream world cup final(england vr germany), and falls in love, yaddy yaddyy ya, it’s nothing new, but it’s still good, and has it’s own origanality with all it’s sutilebritish humor. The preistegie, however, is a dark intense thriller that is very complicted to explain and very hard to spoil, where 2 magicians, Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, compete against each other, until they find a weird machine, that in the end causes’ 2 of them to die.


Open Season

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A couple weeks ago I saw the movie open season. It was mildly ok, but it seemed to be trying to be too much like shrek, or over the hegde, but it just wasn’t good at it. The jokes were, chuckleable at best, and over all it became boring. Also, the animation was horrible, it was like japenese anime and claymations sick morphed child, which just puked over the reputation of animated movie’s. So, in the end, it gets a 3 outa 10.



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Right now I’m in the play Joseph and the technicolour dream coat, and it’s amazing, if you can make it, come to my performances on the 16th, 17th and 18th of november at the high school auditorium, columbia ave, morris, minnesota, at 7:30. Hope you enjoy! 😉


A Movie Review Extravaganza

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Okay, Here are some movies I forgot to review over the years.

First, the worst movie ever, barnyard. This is just so horrible there’s no way to describe it. Bad Character, Bad Plot, Boring as can be, and the male cows have udders!!!! The only good part is about 20 minuets in, there’s a rat singing “Boombastic” (by shaggy) and that’s cool. After about half an hour, I had to walk out. SO, a 0 out of 5.

Over the Hedge: Fantastic!!! This was fast, filled with laughs and so many movie parodies, you’ll cry you’ll be laughing so hard. The plot is fun, the characters are ones that you can relate to, and it’s just over all a good time.

Dave Chepeles Block Party: Although, it’s not a movie for the little kiddies, it’s funny, filled with good music, and has a level of strangeness that only Dave Chepel can bring.

and Finally, Pirates of the Carribean 2: Incredibly good, i mean, it’s just fantastic. My mother thinks the alone it was just not good, but i disagree. I think it makes a very good movie, and I can’t wait for the next one which comes out in late may.

So, in conclusion, Barnyard should never be seen by human eyes again, and the rest of the movies should all be seen.


Superman Apoligy

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A while ago I posted about X-Men 3 and I said, quote

“If superman returns isn’t a special effects bonza, I will post a sincere apology to all those I may have offended”
Well, I recently saw Superman Returns, and, in fact, it wasn’t a special effects bonza, it was, in fact, incredibly boring. I had more sympathy and empathy for Lex Luther(Played by Kevin spacy(so cool)) than superman. So it gets a 3 outa 5, and I sincerly apologise to all those I may have offended. Thank you.

My Alaska Trip

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Recently(very Recently) I took a trip to Alaska with my decrepid father, to celebrate my grandparents 50th aniversery. We spent 8 days touring around, seeing moose, grizzlies, sea otters, porpoises, orcas, and caribou. I had a blast seeing it all. You can see my pictures here.


My Song

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Here’s the songs I made using GarageBand. Hope you like them.
Click here to listen


Ninjas and Pirates

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PZ has made himself a, destructive choice when he signed the pirate contract. As you may have gueesed, I am a ninja, and beleive in meditation that brings me inner peace that you will never find in the soul of a pirate. For more information about ninjas, go to, or, check out thier podcast on itunes. I looked foward to the battle that will insue very soon, most evil PZ. Soon.


X-Men 3

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Apperantly, PZ and Weather girl id not appreciate this movie as much as I did. If your complainin’ about stupid villians, where have you been the last decade. That’s the only reason the good guys survive. Bad guy bullets and bad guy stupidity. If you’r complainin’ about the story and how it was just a special effects bonza, well what do you expect from a movie where people can contol the weather and lift the golden gate bridge. In fact, If superman Returns isn’t a special effects bonza, i will post a cencear apoligy to alll those I offenced. Also, make sure you wait till the credits are over. There’s something very cool after wardas
So, in the end, this movie gets a 4.5 outa 5( what did you expect, a 5 out of 5?) and the omen TRAILER gets a 100 outa 5 on the creepy scale. Woot!



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Yesterday I went to the grand opening of the game, H.A.X(Honest Abe V.S the Xenopods) and it’s really cool. I’d tell you what to do but it’s quite long and complicated and I don’t have the time right now. The best thing you can do is go out and buy the game at John’s Totall Entertainment because I give it a 5 out of 5.


My new Haikus

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Here are three more of my haikus.

UFO in sky
Flaming meteorites fall
Man, this really sucks

A zoo is the place
monkeys, giraffes, bats, oh my!
now where’s my shoe gone?

my brain shuts down
the small gerbil is long gone
don’t bother me, Jerk!


Christmas Break

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Christmas Break, New year’s eve.
Falling snow, No more leaves

To our Jobs, we must return.
Walk to the schools, where we learn

Valintines is next, a great holiday it is.
A day filled with love and kisses

Christmas time, it is the best.
But we’ve already put that to rest

For another year we shall not see.
Santa’s sleigh, on christmas eve

To the winter, I say goodbye.
but christmas will never die.


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I saw The Cronichles of Narnia last night and I enjoyed it. There was one flaw that was incredibly silly of them to have missed. In the begining you see lucy give Mr.Tummnes the hankercheif. A few sences later, Mr.Beaver give her the same hankie she gave Mr.Tummness wich makes sense. Then at the very end of the movie, Mr. Tummness give Lucy the hankie that she already got from Mr.Beaver. What the heck is going on???????? I can’t beleive nobody at disney saw that. I’m thuroghly anoghed. If anyone has any solutions, please leaave them as a comment on this post. Thanks!



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Serenity is a beutifull, funny, exciting, and action packed movie. The story is good and even better for fans of Firefly. The hummor is just increble. The effects and the sceanery are better then any movie i’ve seen for a while. This, quite frankly, is probobly one of the best sci-fi movies of a good long time. Bye!

My new poem

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Here is new peom that I call “A question of nobility”

I see my enemy before me. I raise my sword to strike. Then, I falter. The question in my mind is of nobility. For, my enemy’s back is turned. It is said to be foul play to kill from behind when the opponent has no chance to react. But yet, when have I ever been noble. When have I ever been associated with nobility. Why now, after 5 years of hindering the very rules I was raised by, should I turn in their favor. I thrust my sword through his back. He makes no noise as he falls. I turn to leave, when I see my brethren, standing, shocked at my vile act. A second later I am mere shadow with a new question in my mind. It is the question of a guilty conscience. How can I ever call myself a man again?

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