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Back home….finally

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So, after a long and tiring flight, which was 45 minutes late, urgh; and after several days of re-adjusting and getting used to everything, I finally feel at home again, and it’s great to be back. So far my contribution to Morris has been to hang out with some friends, and see some fireworks, but I hope to go to the parade for Prairie Pioneer Days and eat lots of bad food and watch some entertainment, yay! Nothing much seems to have changed, which can both be taken as a bad and good thing, but I tend to think that it’s a good thing, because it means it’ll be easier to come back to then if everyone turned green and sprouted antennae…..or something like that.

Just hypothetically speaking of course about the whole alien thing of course, it’s not like I could’ve invented some alien making ray or something.

Saw The Incredible Hulk the other day, and was amused and content for 114 minutes, but not exactly thrilled. It was a way for Marvel to make more money and prepare for their Avengers movie, and so at this point I’m sure anyone who has already seen both Iron Man and Hulk are committed to see the Captain America film and the Wonder Woman film, and at this point you’re either desperate for films, or a need, or nice medium between the two (a place I like to think I occupy, and therefore drag my parents into inhabiting), so I’m just also going to throw the new G.I. Joe film in there for good measure. Christopher Eccleston is in it, so that must mean it’s at least a C+, maybe even B just for that. Sure that may be seen as setting a lot of store on him, but if you have seen the First Season of Doctor Who
you know what I’m talking about, and if you haven’t, then you must go and watch it, like, right now. No kidding, open a new tab right now and order the DVD off of Amazon or Netflix or something. I am just about to pass out right now from a long day, so you might as well do that, later!

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