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My New Book

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I’m Writing a new book. I haven’t made a title for it yet but I will. It’s a action sorta book. Hope I can show it to you soon.

Weird Al Yankavic’s Poodle Hat

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His album Poodle Hat is driving me crazy, it’s so good!!!!! I mean it’s just so good! See you next time.


Charlie and the marching pengiunes

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In this episode, I have a review of BOTH Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and March of the Penguins. This is all to do with our trip to wisconson that we do every year. After seeing The March of the Pengiuns, we were stopped by some newspaer reporter who I feel sorry for because he was supposed to write a review of it but every time it was sold out. So he was asking people about it and me and my grandmother got quoted in the wisconson state journel. I was quoted as saying that “March of the Penguins was better than Charlie and the Coclate Factory”. Which it is. Now before you throw full wine bottles at your computer screens and rallying angry mobs, let me give you my reviews. First CATCF(figue it out) was a stunning movie. I was having mojor trouble finding competion for this movie(but of course all the other competition had Jonny Deep in it anyways)! This movie was visualy stunning, really weird but funny, and a true Tim Burton film at heart. They now have Willy Wonka’s life as a child(that was in the book but not the orriganel film), more ommpaloompa songs(that were of course from the book), and they named the darn thing right. It’s not Willy Wonka and the Coclate Factory Mel Stuart! Of course it’s not perfect because the ommpaloompa songs weren’t all that clear and there have been movies recently that have been just plain better so a 4 out of 5. But MOTP(Figue it out(again)) is even closer no wait it is perfect! That movie if so incredibly awsome! The footegde is just too good for words, the music is just ahhh, and Morgen Freeman as the narrarator? I want to kiss the director for that excelent piece of thinking. The one and only flaw which doesn’t hurt the rating is the movie seems(and probobly is) WAYYYYYYYYY too short!!!! It was 1hour 20 minutes! I mean this is too good to be so short. But at least it doesn’t try to make you feel the movie is longer than it is. It is and feels like a solid hour and a half. So this movie is as perfect as perfect can get!!!!! 5 out of 5! So put down those wine bottles and angry mobs and use them both for a party about how good MOTP is(The wine for drinking and the mob for guests/waiters/cooks! Bye.

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