Sub-Evil Boy’s frantic scrabblings



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By now, I’ve probobly let slip to you all that I DO NOT LIKE ATHLETICS. It’s not something that I hide, and I frequintly made a point of pointing out. Well, now I have reason for this policy of mine to change, and it’s found in the most unusual place. When I first came over here, I was scared out of my pants about having to do Rugby. I feared for my life because it sounded like a VERY violent sport, and wacthing the Rugby world cup just fueled that belief even more. Well, after today, I learned, it is a very violent sport, that I really like. It’s not violent like boxing with punching or anything, it’s just American Football, without pads, on steroids, and I actually liked it. There was something strangley energizing about it. Not that it didn’t hurt. It was mildly painful (mostly in the chest), but amazingly, if the tackles were done correctly, it they weren’t so bad, it was when they weren’t so accurate when it hurt the most. I’m actually not too bad at passing the ball, and I almost scored two trys (touchdowns to ye americans), although that was mostly out of being in the right place at the right time, and then getting sacked. I was able to get stuck in it, and I hope to improve as time goes on. This may scare some of you, with both all of the violence and the fact that Thomas is taking an intrest in a sport, but because it’s all between friends, it’s not like we’re all belting on each other, and it hopefuly will all be a good experiance.

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