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Flushing the Pristige

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I saw 2 new movies recently, Flushed away and the Pristegie(however you spell that crazy word), both of which are good movies for very different reasons. Flushed away is a animated comedy from the Wallece and Gromit people, where a posh rat ends up having to save a sewer city from too many flushing toliets during the half time of a dream world cup final(england vr germany), and falls in love, yaddy yaddyy ya, it’s nothing new, but it’s still good, and has it’s own origanality with all it’s sutilebritish humor. The preistegie, however, is a dark intense thriller that is very complicted to explain and very hard to spoil, where 2 magicians, Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, compete against each other, until they find a weird machine, that in the end causes’ 2 of them to die.

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