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Spider-Man 2

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Dear anyone who plays video games and reads this blog. I have the mac (same as the pc) version of Spirder-Man 2 and I’m in a pickle. In level 2, 8 armed robbery, you have to stop Doc. Ock. from stealing money. One of first things you have to do is find a secerity gaurd to give youthe keys to the secerity room. When you’re done beating the 2 thugs the guard will tell you that the basement dorr is busted and you need to unlock it from the second floor. But the second floor has blast doors that are locked and have to be unlocked from the secerity room on the floor you’re on. He says “Here, take this key-card. It will unlock the security door.” Then when I go to the door, it says I need to find a security gaurd to give me the key-code. Can some one help me??????!!!!!!!!!!!

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