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Back home….finally

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So, after a long and tiring flight, which was 45 minutes late, urgh; and after several days of re-adjusting and getting used to everything, I finally feel at home again, and it’s great to be back. So far my contribution to Morris has been to hang out with some friends, and see some fireworks, but I hope to go to the parade for Prairie Pioneer Days and eat lots of bad food and watch some entertainment, yay! Nothing much seems to have changed, which can both be taken as a bad and good thing, but I tend to think that it’s a good thing, because it means it’ll be easier to come back to then if everyone turned green and sprouted antennae…..or something like that.

Just hypothetically speaking of course about the whole alien thing of course, it’s not like I could’ve invented some alien making ray or something.

Saw The Incredible Hulk the other day, and was amused and content for 114 minutes, but not exactly thrilled. It was a way for Marvel to make more money and prepare for their Avengers movie, and so at this point I’m sure anyone who has already seen both Iron Man and Hulk are committed to see the Captain America film and the Wonder Woman film, and at this point you’re either desperate for films, or a need, or nice medium between the two (a place I like to think I occupy, and therefore drag my parents into inhabiting), so I’m just also going to throw the new G.I. Joe film in there for good measure. Christopher Eccleston is in it, so that must mean it’s at least a C+, maybe even B just for that. Sure that may be seen as setting a lot of store on him, but if you have seen the First Season of Doctor Who
you know what I’m talking about, and if you haven’t, then you must go and watch it, like, right now. No kidding, open a new tab right now and order the DVD off of Amazon or Netflix or something. I am just about to pass out right now from a long day, so you might as well do that, later!


The scariest thing I’ve ever seen, but the best for sure!

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Ok, so, today me and my dad went to Madrid to go get our art freak on, and it’s super late, so I wont tell you all the details, but, in a nutshell.

1. Goya is AWESOME.
2. Goya’s black paintings were *very* creepy.
3. Goya’s Saturn Devouring His Son is *very very very super* creepy
4. Picasso’s Guernica is an amzing Painting, and is something you *must* see before you die, assuming you can get around to it.
5. Salvador Dali was mucho loco!
6. Art is very very kool!!

Hopefuly I will post more later when my eyes can stay open for more than 2 seconds at a time, laterz!


Day 2 In Spain Pt. 2 and begining of Day 3 Pt. 1

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So we did end up going to the cathedral, and we spent at least 2 or 3 hours in there just walking around, it is an amazing building with so much amazing artwork, and I’d totally point you to some photos of it, except no one’s allowed to take photography in there, so I can’t, sorry. In short, it was worth the 7 Euroes we paid. Then we wandered aimlessly for a while, much to my discontent due to the fact that I wanted to write postcards, but t was kool seeing everything. Then we did come home, my mum slept, and I wrote postcards while my dad geeked out over photos, as usual. We then eventualy headed out for food, but ran into some difficulty seeing as most people here don’t eat dinner until about 9-12pm, and we wanted food at 8pm, so it was difficult, but we just ended up going to the same place we ate last night, and it was very good, and we then walked home and promptly fell asleep.

This morning we woke up, and me and my dad went out for breakfast, and we went to a bakery that sold very sugary desserty foods that passed as breakfast in our case, so we felt happy about that, and now I’m currently here writing this, so I have no clue what’s happening next, but we have learned that eating a BIG lunch at about 2-3 is the thing over here, so that’s our plan to try something like that today, but kinda hard given that it’s sunday and most things are closed, but ah well, we shall try!


Day 2 in Spain pt. 1

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So we’ve just had lunch in our hotel room. Most of the day was spent going out and about trying to find places with interesting foods, and we found loads of bakeries and all sorts. I ended up having a sandwhich with some Libreta Pan (Libreta Bread) and some aged local cheese, and it was w00t! There are loads of knives stores around here, and when I say loads, I mean it! Nearly every store here has some sword, knife, amour, or some such object, and the amazing thing is that they’re actually kinda cheap. One might be purchased, if not by me, then by my father, who once again has lost his knife, just as usual. I only have roughly 30 Euros, so I’m not going to be buying out the whole world here, but I do intend to get something, it wouldn’t be a vacation (holiday in the UK) if I didn’t, I’m just not sure what. Plans for the rest of the day include possible going to the local cathedral and I quote “amble about”, for there is “lots to see and do”. Thank goodness we have walking tours if we decide to stop rambling, but so far we’ve been rambling quite nicely if I do say so myself. Catch ya’ later

I’m in Spain, woah

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So yeah, this morning I woke up and it really hits me, I’m in Spain. Our travels to get here were….interesting. First of all, we had to drive for 6 hours to Birmingham in a car that was not designed for people to be in it. Then the next morning we had to get up at the crack of dawn to go to the airport, then we had to check in, then we go through security, and then we started our 2 hour flight, which was looking to be supa’ kool, except we were surrounded on all sides by very rowdy, loud, and abnoxious young men, so it was very stressful and annoying. Then we had to take the Spainish Metro (underground) with all of our very very very large and heavy luggage up and down stairs and into very crowded trains ’till we got to Madrid. Oh yeah, did I mention that during all of this, we couldn’t speak a lick of the language?? yeah, that was more debilitating than you can imagine. When we finnaly did get to Madrid, we had several hours to kill before our Train to Toledo, so we went outside into the real world to find some food, and the first restraunt we stopped at was fabulous. Because we made the effort to at least try to speak Spainish, they were very pacient and understanding about everything. I had Grilled Swordfish, which was absolutely fantastic!!!!! Then we moved back into the train station feeling highly elated and waited, and waited some more for our train, and then when we did board, it was worth the wait, the seats were super comfortable and just absolutely amazing, enough that my mum was able to sleep the only 30 minute train ride completely off. Then when we got to the train station, we learned a lesson in embarressment and failure, as we tried to get a taxi. Only after much waiting and watching other people did we finally realize that Taxi’s would spontaniously appear, and that you had to be in some unmarked but yet understood line, and you didn’t get a taxi until you were at the top of the line, and so eventually we did get a taxi, and we definately needed it, because then we went up this hill, where the roads would make even a Englishman quiver with fear, they were soooo small. We’ve learned now that it’s just natural for every now and again when a car appears, you just duck into the nearest open doorway to get out of the way of the car. we then got to our hotel, which is beautiful, and has one of the nicest women running it, so we asked her for places to go and things to see, and she was full of information. So we then went out, went past the local cathedral, and wound up getting our dinner at an outside resturaunt. I had Milkfed lamb Cutlets, yummmm. My dad had Free Range Rabbit. and then we had an amazing dessert, where I had a Chocolate Torte. We then continued walking around at night for a bit, and all the birds were out and about around the cathedral where there was still light eating all the bugs, and it was amazing. So yeah, spain is going to ROCK ROCK ON!!



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One of the things that happened last year was that I was in a different group for English then anyone else, because frankly, the teacher was not at the level she should have been. I found the class very enjoyable, and I learned loads. Coming over here, I was anxious about what would happen with me in English, and I have been saved by…. an Irishman. His name is Mr. Calahan (????), and he is one of the best teachers I have had for most subjects. He is able to make everything funny and enjoyable, and be serious and have us get work done at the same time. Today we had a Mock-SATs-Exam in English about Richard III, and while I usually hate to don’t like tests, but this was incredibly fun. One of the things I really like, is that even though I’ve only been here for a year, he still says that I will get a level 7 in my SATs, and the highest anyone can get is 8, and NO ONE gets 8, so he thinks that I can basically get the highest possible. I find that really quite amazing, and I’m worried that as soon as I get back the quality of both the education in general, but more specifically English, will go down. While I’m on languages, I must say that I have found that I am loving languages to death. I love doing German, and it will be a shame to stop when i get back.


Final Departure

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The date has been set of my departure from England and when we journey into Europe for a month or so. It seems strange that I’ve been here for about…6 months or so, it seems a lot shorter. I’ve had a great time so far, everyone over here has been amazing to me, and just the atmosphere in general has been really good. It seems strange that I have called our apartment here home for so long now, yet it was never truely my home, even the house in Morris isn’t technically my home, because in 4 years or so I shall move out and find a house of my own, and that might just be my true home, butthat’s pushing it. I had a lot of projects to do while I was here, and sadly I’ve done about… 1 of them if I’m lucky. We actually know the exact day we are leaving now, so I can start the official countdown. 109 days left. It’s pretty amazing. I will not reveal, or at least, not yet, the exact date for several reasons, none of which I feel like explaining at this moment, but I’m sure that if you REALLY REALLY need to know, you can figure it out, unless I’ve done the math wrong, which I wouldn’t be suprised if I had. I hope to start blogging (that’s really such a strange word) more frequently as we get closer to leaving, but there will be the SATs in may (big BIG examination) so that will probobly cut my time in half, then amputate all of it’s limbs and digits, so we will see what will happen!!



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By now, I’ve probobly let slip to you all that I DO NOT LIKE ATHLETICS. It’s not something that I hide, and I frequintly made a point of pointing out. Well, now I have reason for this policy of mine to change, and it’s found in the most unusual place. When I first came over here, I was scared out of my pants about having to do Rugby. I feared for my life because it sounded like a VERY violent sport, and wacthing the Rugby world cup just fueled that belief even more. Well, after today, I learned, it is a very violent sport, that I really like. It’s not violent like boxing with punching or anything, it’s just American Football, without pads, on steroids, and I actually liked it. There was something strangley energizing about it. Not that it didn’t hurt. It was mildly painful (mostly in the chest), but amazingly, if the tackles were done correctly, it they weren’t so bad, it was when they weren’t so accurate when it hurt the most. I’m actually not too bad at passing the ball, and I almost scored two trys (touchdowns to ye americans), although that was mostly out of being in the right place at the right time, and then getting sacked. I was able to get stuck in it, and I hope to improve as time goes on. This may scare some of you, with both all of the violence and the fact that Thomas is taking an intrest in a sport, but because it’s all between friends, it’s not like we’re all belting on each other, and it hopefuly will all be a good experiance.



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Sorry for the long wait everyone, but schools been really time consuming. Now, I have to do a report and stuff on Jasper Johns for an art project, and I made a really cool cover for the folder that I have to give it to my teacher in, so here it is.

Comic Cover For Art Project


I Have A School

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As of this morning, I have a school to go to, yeah! It looks very nice, and we will go in to talk to people tomarrow at 2:30, woot!


Our Trip So Far

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Ok, so, first we ran into the airport and waited around and stuff, then our flight came in late so we almost missed our second one but we didn’t. This second flight was about 6 or 7 hours long which would’ve been fine except the in flight entertainment was broken so it sucked. Then we drove an hour to my grandmothers were we spent the next week chilling and watching dvd’s. Then we drove 6 hours to Colchester, where we had to rush into the university to get the key to the place were we are currently residing temporarily. We finaly got home and crashed in front of the tv. The next day we visited 5 apartments and realators and stuff which was boring except one of them suggested we went to the local virgin megistore and get a cell phone, which we did!!!! We’ve had alot of fun playing with our new cell phone. Then today we visited 3 more houses and we have chosen one of the ones we chose today, then I came here with my dad to his office for internet and posted this


Cell Phone

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Just so you know, we got a family cell phone, WOOOOOTTTT!!!!

Hey Everyone

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Hey crazy party people, we just arrived in Colchester, and have a temporary internet solution. Things are fine after a long and tiring journey which really still hasn’t ended. Drop me a line if you can.


I’m Here

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Hey everyone, just letting you all know that I have arrived in England, but the internet is limited, so I may take time in responding to e-mails in such, but I am not ignoring you, I will post when I can take internet for granted. Our plane ride was……fun, due to the fact that the first of our two flights was late and we had to do security twice (long story that I will explain later). I am here with my Grandmother in Presten, and will be going to colchester, in about 4-6 days. Bye!


Hello There, and Good Bye!

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Hello to everyone who came here through my e-mail, thanks for the vote of support, feel free to comment on anything I’ve said up to this point. To everyone, I bid you farewell, for I am leaving sometime tomorrow, and Otto has already left or will be leaving shortly. I hope that everything goes well for both him and me, and to everyone who is not leaving. See you in a little less than a year!!


2 movies and 7/17 of an album

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Recently I saw two movies, TMNT and Premonition. TMNT is about some wierd old general dudes, and some portal, well, it’s messed up and weird, but good. It’s same old ninja turtles, except that the graphics have gotten a well needed upgrade. It gets a 4 and 1/2 out’ve 5. Premonition is about a lady who is told that her husband is dead on thursday, starts time traveling through the week, and figures out what is going on with her life and attempts to save her husbands life. It was good, but it’s mix of good and bad and comfusing parts made me feel bi to tripolar at some points. it gets a 4 out’ve 5. I also recently have been purchasing songs from timbalands new album Shock Value. I have 7 of the 17 songs. It is incredibly good, but the Parental Advisory warning is there for a reason. It’s not that they drop the f bomb once in the entire album, they drop it multiple time in a song, plus it mainly talks about women and “making love” and other such things that make a rap album a rap album. it gets a 5 out of 5


Red vs Blue

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Recently I’ve been searching the web for random cartoons to fill the giant gaps of tedious boredom, and I have come across a series called, Red vs Blue, which is based in the Halo world, and involves two armies (guess what they’re called?!) who are about as smart as penuts fighting for contol of two bases on either end of a box canyon. This stuff is abosolutley hillarious! Sadly, I cannot remember the exact name for the website, but just search google for red vs blue and I’m sure u’ll be able to find it, well, here’s your new murphy quote.

“The person who yells the loudest always gets the floor.”
Murphy’s Laws


Murphy’s Illusionist

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I have done 2 things recently, 1. I have seen the illusionist, and 2. I have read the book, “Murphy’s Law“. Both of these things are great and hve inspired me to do things. The Illusionist is a movie about Eisiemhiem the Illusionist, who does some really spectatular things, and winds up in the middle of the murder of his childhood lover, who is also engaged to a prince. It gets, a 5 out of 5 Murphy’s Law is a book of little facts about life that are baised about one main fact, “If anything can go wrong, It will”. I have decided to give you a quote from this book every week, ’til the end of the book. So, here’s the first one, and the book gets a 5 out of 5.

“Nothing is as easy as it looks”.
Murphy’s Law Corollaries #1
Murphy’s Law by Arthur Bloch
Copyright 1977, ISBN: 0-8431-0428-7


Flushing the Pristige

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I saw 2 new movies recently, Flushed away and the Pristegie(however you spell that crazy word), both of which are good movies for very different reasons. Flushed away is a animated comedy from the Wallece and Gromit people, where a posh rat ends up having to save a sewer city from too many flushing toliets during the half time of a dream world cup final(england vr germany), and falls in love, yaddy yaddyy ya, it’s nothing new, but it’s still good, and has it’s own origanality with all it’s sutilebritish humor. The preistegie, however, is a dark intense thriller that is very complicted to explain and very hard to spoil, where 2 magicians, Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, compete against each other, until they find a weird machine, that in the end causes’ 2 of them to die.


Open Season

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A couple weeks ago I saw the movie open season. It was mildly ok, but it seemed to be trying to be too much like shrek, or over the hegde, but it just wasn’t good at it. The jokes were, chuckleable at best, and over all it became boring. Also, the animation was horrible, it was like japenese anime and claymations sick morphed child, which just puked over the reputation of animated movie’s. So, in the end, it gets a 3 outa 10.

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