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Danceing with the Sith lords

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Our dance was totally kick-butt!!!!!!! I really enjoyed it. You should see all of the other dance posts. I allso saw Star Wars 3 and I thought it was really cool. Just a heads up, when ever the sith guys get mad, theirs eyes make them look like they have a form of jaundice.

Allso notice the conection betwenn REvenge OF THE sith and REturn OF THE king. I don’t know whether this was cowincedince or something else but the resemplance is scary. Anikin is as winny as usual and Yoda is still kicking butt, but there was an added level of humor. For some reason unknown the droids now speak thier minds and at some times, have some prety funny lines.

So a 4 out of 5 for the sith and 5 out of 5 for the dance recital. Allso a $400,000 (A.K.A big blockbuster) for Lucus and $0 for us. Life is normal except for the paranormal factor of me, Dad, and Fred Frith. Bye!

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