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On the blog Pharyngula at, Paul Myers CLAIMS to not have been at the BREAK, The Urban Funk Spoectacular performence, BUT I have critical evidence he was. Do not expect me to erase them. Also, the whole performence was SPECTACULAR!!!!! If you missed this, you missed some quality entertainment. Once again the Performing Arts commitie did a wonderful good was getting them.
Sub out
P.S Paul, it was me who put that sign on your door claiming that you’re the Hip-Hop Master. Tee-Hee!

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  1. Pharyngula Says:

    I was home the whole time, I swear.

    Although it is true that this fine group played the Edson auditorium tonight, and there was a rumor that they dragged the most uncoordinated old geezer in the house onto the stage, and there was a faint possibility that…

  2. Torris Says:

    Sub-Evil Boy – I’m sorry that this is off topic but I have a question for you. How’s the book coming? I seem to recall some time ago that you mentioned that you were working on an adventure type of book. Also I wanted to mention that I enjoy your poetry.

  3. Sub-Evil Boy Says:

    Again Paul, don’t be scared. The sstudents will love it, trust me.

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