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Sadly, today is Turqs last day. At 4:00 on wednesday 29, Turq will be put to sleep. It’s sad, but yet it’s probobly good for him. Bye turq!

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  1. I am … unhindered by talent » Blog Archive » It is done Says:

    […] There have been a number of really nice comments and tributes to Turq here and elsewhere. WeatherGirl wrote a very nice tribute on her blog, and Sub-Evil also paid tribute. There were a number of nice comments from New Kid and her LDH on my earlier post; I particularly love LDH’s Valhalla story: Turq’s had a timeshare condo near Valhalla for years and years, and it’s a good thing that he’ll finally get to use it. And, doubtless, a fine place at the table will have been set for him when he arrives […]

  2. Turq Says:

    Hello Thomas, what did you know they have internt up here. Hope your not too sad.

    love Turq

  3. Sub-Evil Boy Says:

    Okay, either I’ve gone crazy or this is some trick done by my dad, or kevin because I dought there is inter….. wait, wait if…..??…..??…..??

  4. Sub-Evil Boy Says:

    Sorry that should be wait, Wut if.

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