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X-Men 3

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Apperantly, PZ and Weather girl id not appreciate this movie as much as I did. If your complainin’ about stupid villians, where have you been the last decade. That’s the only reason the good guys survive. Bad guy bullets and bad guy stupidity. If you’r complainin’ about the story and how it was just a special effects bonza, well what do you expect from a movie where people can contol the weather and lift the golden gate bridge. In fact, If superman Returns isn’t a special effects bonza, i will post a cencear apoligy to alll those I offenced. Also, make sure you wait till the credits are over. There’s something very cool after wardas
So, in the end, this movie gets a 4.5 outa 5( what did you expect, a 5 out of 5?) and the omen TRAILER gets a 100 outa 5 on the creepy scale. Woot!

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