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Our Trip So Far

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Ok, so, first we ran into the airport and waited around and stuff, then our flight came in late so we almost missed our second one but we didn’t. This second flight was about 6 or 7 hours long which would’ve been fine except the in flight entertainment was broken so it sucked. Then we drove an hour to my grandmothers were we spent the next week chilling and watching dvd’s. Then we drove 6 hours to Colchester, where we had to rush into the university to get the key to the place were we are currently residing temporarily. We finaly got home and crashed in front of the tv. The next day we visited 5 apartments and realators and stuff which was boring except one of them suggested we went to the local virgin megistore and get a cell phone, which we did!!!! We’ve had alot of fun playing with our new cell phone. Then today we visited 3 more houses and we have chosen one of the ones we chose today, then I came here with my dad to his office for internet and posted this

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  1. Dori Says:

    So, is the new flat totally cool, same old same old, or what? As for the cell phone, it must be a lot fancier than mine, the coolness factor wore off in about a week, now it’s just convenient.

  2. Sub-Evil Boy Says:

    The flat is a flat really, it’s kool in the sense that the Kitchen is amazing,
    but hte rest of it is kinda small. I have no clue what your cell phone is like,
    so I wouldn’t know how to compare the coolness factors of the two

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