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Day 2 in Spain pt. 1

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So we’ve just had lunch in our hotel room. Most of the day was spent going out and about trying to find places with interesting foods, and we found loads of bakeries and all sorts. I ended up having a sandwhich with some Libreta Pan (Libreta Bread) and some aged local cheese, and it was w00t! There are loads of knives stores around here, and when I say loads, I mean it! Nearly every store here has some sword, knife, amour, or some such object, and the amazing thing is that they’re actually kinda cheap. One might be purchased, if not by me, then by my father, who once again has lost his knife, just as usual. I only have roughly 30 Euros, so I’m not going to be buying out the whole world here, but I do intend to get something, it wouldn’t be a vacation (holiday in the UK) if I didn’t, I’m just not sure what. Plans for the rest of the day include possible going to the local cathedral and I quote “amble about”, for there is “lots to see and do”. Thank goodness we have walking tours if we decide to stop rambling, but so far we’ve been rambling quite nicely if I do say so myself. Catch ya’ later

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