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I’m in Spain, woah

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So yeah, this morning I woke up and it really hits me, I’m in Spain. Our travels to get here were….interesting. First of all, we had to drive for 6 hours to Birmingham in a car that was not designed for people to be in it. Then the next morning we had to get up at the crack of dawn to go to the airport, then we had to check in, then we go through security, and then we started our 2 hour flight, which was looking to be supa’ kool, except we were surrounded on all sides by very rowdy, loud, and abnoxious young men, so it was very stressful and annoying. Then we had to take the Spainish Metro (underground) with all of our very very very large and heavy luggage up and down stairs and into very crowded trains ’till we got to Madrid. Oh yeah, did I mention that during all of this, we couldn’t speak a lick of the language?? yeah, that was more debilitating than you can imagine. When we finnaly did get to Madrid, we had several hours to kill before our Train to Toledo, so we went outside into the real world to find some food, and the first restraunt we stopped at was fabulous. Because we made the effort to at least try to speak Spainish, they were very pacient and understanding about everything. I had Grilled Swordfish, which was absolutely fantastic!!!!! Then we moved back into the train station feeling highly elated and waited, and waited some more for our train, and then when we did board, it was worth the wait, the seats were super comfortable and just absolutely amazing, enough that my mum was able to sleep the only 30 minute train ride completely off. Then when we got to the train station, we learned a lesson in embarressment and failure, as we tried to get a taxi. Only after much waiting and watching other people did we finally realize that Taxi’s would spontaniously appear, and that you had to be in some unmarked but yet understood line, and you didn’t get a taxi until you were at the top of the line, and so eventually we did get a taxi, and we definately needed it, because then we went up this hill, where the roads would make even a Englishman quiver with fear, they were soooo small. We’ve learned now that it’s just natural for every now and again when a car appears, you just duck into the nearest open doorway to get out of the way of the car. we then got to our hotel, which is beautiful, and has one of the nicest women running it, so we asked her for places to go and things to see, and she was full of information. So we then went out, went past the local cathedral, and wound up getting our dinner at an outside resturaunt. I had Milkfed lamb Cutlets, yummmm. My dad had Free Range Rabbit. and then we had an amazing dessert, where I had a Chocolate Torte. We then continued walking around at night for a bit, and all the birds were out and about around the cathedral where there was still light eating all the bugs, and it was amazing. So yeah, spain is going to ROCK ROCK ON!!

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