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Superman Apoligy

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A while ago I posted about X-Men 3 and I said, quote

“If superman returns isn’t a special effects bonza, I will post a sincere apology to all those I may have offended”
Well, I recently saw Superman Returns, and, in fact, it wasn’t a special effects bonza, it was, in fact, incredibly boring. I had more sympathy and empathy for Lex Luther(Played by Kevin spacy(so cool)) than superman. So it gets a 3 outa 5, and I sincerly apologise to all those I may have offended. Thank you.

My Alaska Trip

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Recently(very Recently) I took a trip to Alaska with my decrepid father, to celebrate my grandparents 50th aniversery. We spent 8 days touring around, seeing moose, grizzlies, sea otters, porpoises, orcas, and caribou. I had a blast seeing it all. You can see my pictures here.

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